Federal Grant for Charter Schools in Nevada Denied

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The U.S. Department of Education has denied Nevada's application for grant money to fund start-up costs for charter schools.

A similar grant that provided $2.5 million a year for three years is to expire. The funding can be used to help new schools pay for such things as computers and furniture.

"My phone is inundated," said Ricci Rodriguez-Elkins, executive director of the Sparks-based Center for Charter School Development, a technical assistance center for charter schools.

The denial might affect schools set to open next year, not those opening in the fall.

Of the 17 states that applied for funding, Nevada was one of seven to be turned down.

"Some of these funding decisions are based on the nature of our state law," said Tom McCormack, charter school consultant for the Nevada Department of Education. "They're interested in funding states whose charter school laws are friendly to charter schools."