Reno Man Denies Wanted To Kill Him

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A Reno man said his new wife was only trying to get him to stop working as a paid police informant when she allegedly hired an undercover detective to kill him.

Police said Margaret Lynn Wilson, 45, later told the detective just to cut off Keith Delaney's genitals because it would be $1,000 cheaper than murder.

She also wanted the officer to torture a woman with whom she suspected her husband was having an affair, police said.

Wilson was arrested Saturday on charges of solicitation to commit murder and child endangerment for allegedly leaving two young children alone at a relative's home.

She made an initial appearance in court Thursday. A preliminary hearing was set for July 20.

Delaney said he was working as a paid informant from the regional Street Enforcement Team and that upset his new bride.

"I agreed to quit working with the cops and she caught me still doing it," he said.

Reno police deny Delaney has ever been paid by the law enforcement team.

"If Keith Delaney is making a living as a paid informant, he has never received a paycheck from the SET team," said Reno Sgt. Dave Evans.

The couple had been married for about a week before Wilson's arrest but had been together for three years.

Wilson was arrested last year on suspicion of arson at Delaney's trailer. She was convicted of a lesser charge and sentenced to 18 months probation.