BLM Conducts Horse Gather In Northeast Nevada

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The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has begun rounding up wild horses from two herd management areas in northeastern Nevada.

Diane Hendry of the BLM's Battle Mountain field office said the agency's goal is to round up about 650 horses from the Diamonds Complex near Eureka by the weekend.

"We will try to return about 134 back to the range," Hendry said.

About 500 will be taken to the agency's wild horse corral in Palomino Valley north of Reno to be prepared for adoption or sent to long-term holding facilities.

Another gather is taking place in the Moriah herd management area along the Utah-Nevada line in White Pine County.

BLM spokesman Chris Hanefeld in Ely said about 280 horses will be rounded up.

Both gathers began Tuesday.

Other gathers are planned in August and September to remove roughly 3,100 horses from Nevada range lands. About 1,444 horses were gathered earlier this fiscal year before the program ran out of money.

Nevada Gov. Kenny Guinn had threatened to sue the federal government if more money wasn't earmarked for roundups.

But Congress recently authorized the BLM to shuffle money from other programs to fund more horse gathers.

Nevada has about 19,000 wild horses and burros - about half the total population in the West.

Of the $7.6 million authorized for gatherings nationwide through Sept. 30, Nevada will receive about $1.4 million, officials said.