Mack Civil Suit Unsealed

Darren Mack is accused of killing his estranged wife Charla and taking a shot at the judge handling their divorce. His trial is set for October first.

But there is another civil suit against Mack we haven't been able to tell you about because the judge presiding over the case sealed the court record. That same judge resinded his order after a request filed by the Reno Gazette Journal.

The wrongful death suit is filed on behalf of the now deceased Charla Mack against her estranged Husband Darren.

In the case Charla's attorneys are asking for compensatory, special, general and punitive damages plus attorney's fees from Darren Mack.
The suit alleges Mack repeatedly stabbed Charla Mack on June 12, 2006.. And that her heirs have suffered grief, sorrow, and the loss companionship and comfort because of her death.

In response to the suit Mack's civil attorney Mark Wray said his client has no money, and that Mack faces five additional civil law suits.
Wray also asks the judge why the case had to be sealed. He says his client wants to be treated like any other defendant and that open and public proceedings are integral to the American system of justice.

In his order Manoukian suggests that Mack wants this civil case open to help his criminal case. Quote: The court does speculate that by requesting the unsealing of this proceeding, defendant wishes to further "fuel" or factually support his motion to change venue."

In his opening of court documents, Judge Manoukian said the public has the right to see and read everything associated with the lawsuit.