39 Nevada Soldiers Being Recalled To Duty

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Up to 39 soldiers in Nevada are among 5,600 nationwide being recalled to active duty in Iraq or Afghanistan, an Army spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Most of the Individual Ready Reserve members due to begin receiving notification this week recently left the Army as truck drivers, mechanics, supply clerks, administrative clerks or combat engineers.

They will be kept on active duty for at least 18 months but not longer than two years, said Andrea Wales, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Army Human Resources Command in St. Louis.

"The ones who are mostly targeted for this are people who used to be active duty or reserve soldiers who recently got out and who have these skills," Wales said.

Individual names and hometowns were not immediately available. Each soldier will have 30 days to report after being notified.

Most of the top 20 jobs to be filled are support-related, in fields that also include food service, construction, petroleum supply and engineering, Wales said.

Texas, New York and Florida have the largest numbers of soldiers who may be recalled.

People in the IRR are different from those in the National Guard and Reserve because they do not take part in regular training and are not paid as reservists. They are eligible for recall because they have not finished their reserve duty commitment.

This is the first large-scale use of former soldiers in the Individual Ready Reserve since 1991.