University Group Wants to Abolish Student Government

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RENO, NV - The “UNR Students for Liberty” held a rally Monday, full of pizzas, ponies, balloons, bouncing castles and music.

The goal of the rally was to abolish the ASUN, by collecting signatures to put on a petition for next year’s election. They say the student body is wasteful and takes money from students, an estimated $5 per credit.

“We feel those funds are stolen,” Barry Belmont with the Students for Liberty said. “They are forcing kids to pay and in essence, taking the money from them.”

The ASUN actually paid for the rally. The “Students for Liberty,” a recognized club, filled out all of the required paperwork to receive funds. Monday’s rally cost an estimated $3,000. They say they spent nearly $1,000 alone on pizza.

“We are not going to say, ‘No you can’t do this because it’s against ASUN,’” ASUN Vice President Charlie Jose said. “Every student has the right to voice their opinion.”

Another point of concern for the “Students of Liberty” is the vast majority of students are not represented.

Vice President Charlie Jose agrees.

“We always try to get more students involved,” Jose said. “Because I don’t think of a 13,000 body student population, if only 15% vote, we aren’t actively representing every student on this campus.”

As for collecting signatures, the “Students for Liberty” said they received between 400-500 signatures during the rally. They don’t know exactly how many signatures they will need to get their petition on the next ballot, because it depends on the outcome of the election that will be held this week.