Community Mourns for 7-Week-Old Infant Allegedly Killed By Mother

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Saturday was an emotional afternoon for those touched by a young infant. The community gathered at Rancho San Rafael Park to remember a tiny soul who was allegedly murdered by his mother, Josela Posada.

Kristopher Posada only lived 7 short weeks. Those at his memorial says he lives on through his memory—by raising awareness for child abuse. They say in his death, he finally has a voice.

A family friend leads the service. “We have joined here to remember Kristopher who died at the hands of child abuse.”

The Coroner says Posada likely died of “shaken baby syndrome.” Police also say they found burns on the infant's body.

Cathi Skretkowicz was Kristopher’s neighbor. “It’s so tragic and senseless. It’s not ok that this happens.” Skretkowicz is a musician and says she hopes to bring awareness to child abuse through her music.

Child Protective Services spoke at Kristopher's memorial, urging people to report child abuse. According to the agency, there are 7,000 calls of child abuse and neglect every year in Washoe County. 1,800 children die in the U.S. every year as a result of abuse.

That’s hard to understand for Kristopher’s great uncle, Marco Pastor. He feels “the most precious gift God gives us is a baby.”

The crowd joins together in singing Hallelujah. This adds to the emotion of an already difficult afternoon. Family and friends say they wish there was something they could've done for little Kristopher.

Margarita Cevallos says Kristopher was like a grandson to her. She tells me in Spanish that she discovered he was beaten— but it was too late.

Jaime Mejorado fathered Kristopher’s older half-sister, Kimberly. In Spanish he says he never saw any warning signs. He says he doesn't know what was happening with Josela and her son, only what was happening with Josela and their daughter. “She cared for her well and I don't have any complaints.”

Meanwhile, Kristopher's father Victor hangs on to what's left of his son. The urn is small enough to fit in one hand. While Victor says losing his son has been painful, he isn't harboring resentment toward his son's alleged killer.

He says he forgives her, and hopefully, God forgives her.

Josela Posada remains behind bars with no bail. Posada claims she put Kristopher to bed, and when she woke up, he was cold to the touch.