Lose A Little - Gain A Lot Program Can Slim You Down

Medical Minutes

If you read the paper you can't help but miss columnist Cory Farley. He has been with the Reno Gazette Journal since 1978 and in 1981 he got his own space to talk about his own observations.

When we caught up with him, the conversation was about weight.

"And I was actually pretty proud because I gained two pounds a year, and then suddenly you look up and you are 55-years-old and you gain two pounds a year for 25 years," Farley says. "I haven't weighed myself in awhile. Bad news can wait, but I weigh 260 now."

When it comes to losing weight, Farley likes to quote Mark Twain who, when referring to quitting smoking said, "its the easiest thing I ever did - I've done it thousands of times."

The problem Cory says is not losing weight, but the ability and desire to keep it off.

That's why when nutritionist for the Center for Nutrition and Metabolic Disorders' Vicki Bovee asked Cory to be part of the "Lose a Little, Gain a Lot" program he decided to go for it.

This weight loss program may be dietician based, but the center has medical staff like an endocrinologist on board to help staff like Vicki. Group members will be asked to wear a digiwalker to see how much activity they are getting - they will log their meals and count calories. Lab work is done and patients will be asked to weigh in once a week or once every two weeks.

Says Bovee: "We try to empower the person to lose weight by making small changes in their lifestyle rather than giving somebody a meal and say here eat this because that doesn't work in the long run for maintenance."

To qualify for the group patients have to have a Body Mass Index of 27-to-35, which means they are obese but not morbidly so.

In the next couple of weeks and remaining 180 days we'll follow group members like Cory to see how they achieve their goal.

Perhaps you can learn something from them as they try to tip the scales the other way.

We want to follow 18 people as they lose 18 pounds. Currently there are five positions open for KOLO News Channel 8 viewers. To qualify you must be in general good health and have a BMI between 27 - 35.

To calculate that, go to the 'links' area on this Web site where we have set up a link page for you to the Center for Nutrition and Metabolic Disorders.

Cost to participate in the program $180.

Still interested call 784-4474, extention 16.

"Lose a Little, Gain a Lot." is made possible by The Center for Nutrition and Metabolic Disorders, the HAWC clinic, The Food Bank of Northern Nevada, Labcorp, Health Tech, and News Channel 8.