Tougher Restrictions on Developers Sought in Reno After Wildfires

Local officials say they're considering imposing tougher requirements on developers after a string of Reno-area wildfires connected with building activity.

Officials say wildland fires are becoming a greater urban concern as development continues to expand into wildland areas.

Some residents called for the tougher restrictions after a 27,000 acre wildfire just west of Reno last week threatened hundreds of homes before crews gained the upper hand on it. They want developers to have adequate water and firefighting equipment at construction sites.

Fire investigators confirmed a grinder touched off the fire at a home under construction. No charges have been filed and the case remains under investigation.

Local officials first considered imposing tougher fire-safety restrictions on developers in July 2006, days after two brush fires in east Sparks.

Construction activity there was blamed for sparking a 400-acre blaze near Canoe Hill and a 10-acre fire near Martini Hill.

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