Manhunt for 2nd Burglary Suspect Comes to End

Charles Steele. At-large.
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RENO, NV - After two days of hunting, Washoe County Sheriff deputies have both the men they think broke into a home off the Mount Rose Highway.

The south east area of Callahan Ranch— that’s where the manhunt ended a day after deputies spent hours scouring the Galena Forest. They were looking for two burglary suspects, and as of late Friday afternoon, both of them are in custody at the Washoe County Jail.

The helicopter could be heard soaring overhead for part of Thursday and Friday.

The manhunt started Thursday afternoon after two men allegedly stole 50 thousand dollars worth of property from a home off the Mount Rose Highway.

Deputies found and arrested Richard Kaylor. He was hiding in the Galena Creek Park area.
But the second suspect, Charles Steele, managed to run off.

Deputies ended their search for Steele Thursday when they say they lost sight of him and exhausted all the search areas. Deputies thought Steele left the area.

But Friday, a neighbor spotted Steele in the area. K-9 teams and raven tracked Steele and arrested him around 3:40, more than a day after deputies began their search.

Donna Ducharme lives just feet from where Steele was arrested. “He must’ve really run for this life because it was 20 degrees last night. Through the snow, between the police cars, must've been really fun for him!”

Ducharme says she's "flabbergasted" that a burglar would be in her quiet neighborhood. But, she says, Steele's fortunate Deputies found him first.

“He should be considering himself very lucky cause there are a fair amount of guns here and a lot of being caught by police was his lucky day.”

Just before deputies arrested Steele, they were in the process of warning residents in the Galena Estates, Callahan Ranch, and Montreaux areas that he might be in their neighborhoods.

Richard Kaylor. Arrested.
Charles Steele. At-large.