Dog Fighting Investigated

The crime Michael Vick is accused of forced Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia to make a speech on the senator floor yesterday. train themselves into fighting machines is simply barbaric."

The barbaric activity Senator Byrd was referring fighting for fun, profit, and sport. According to animal welfare investigators, it goes on everywhere in this country, including right here in Washoe County.

Jeff Engle, Nevada Humane Society Chief Investigator says you might be surprised

"Iits happening probably in every county here in the state but you have to be in that click to get into that group to be able to be invited to these fights."

Engle says its against the law here in Nevada to participate in dog fighting in any way shape or form. Its tough to investigate because the activity is so underground, and many are afraid to turn people in because the activity can be associated with illegal betting, drugs, and guns...but he says there are things he looks for on the scene following up on a tip.

" I am looking for cuts and scratches, fresh wounds, on the dogs, tredmills, and ropes hanging from trees those are exercising devices used for the training and fighting of these animals."

And there is something else barbaric about this sport that you may unknowingly contribute, Engle says many times those who train dogs to fight use the classified ads looking for free puppies or dogs. Engle says they use those animals as bait to encourage the dog to attack.