Old Mustang New Mustang

"Lance Gilman has shown to me he is just the man for the job."

A voice from the past...Joe Conforte the original owner of Mustang Ranch calling from Brazil. The occasion the opening of the original building of the Mustang Ranch. Current owner Lance Gilman says he was able to purchase the Mustang Ranch during an ebay auction.

" I chose this because it was an adventure and it is interesting and I have found that I have chose very well, and it is going to give me a chance to give back in many ways you can't even imagine, and I love what I do."

Five million dollars in renovations later includes paintings, and a waiting room that looks like an Italian Villa, there are indoor hot tubs and outdoor jacuzzi. it's a much different look than what this building use to look like under Conforte's management.

George Flint Nevada Brothel Association Director knows Conforte well and says there's a big difference between he and Gilman.
"I gotta say this Joe attitude kinda was the clients don't come here for the furniture the clients come for another purpose. So Joe never had the feeling that dollying up the place with Drexel furniture and five star amenities was important."

And while there was much fanfare and anticipation concerning Conforte's call....The elephant in this elegantly decorated room was the fact he was not there and why. He's been in exile in Brazil to avoid federal prosecution for
on a myriad of charges.

" I really would like to be there very much to be there and maybe one of these days I can be convinced by the authorities--the IRS the federal government that you know whatever happened the squabble that we had, it was...inappropriate."

Conforte will be calling in again on Saturday during the Mustang Ranch open for what he calls a major annoucement.

That open house is from three until nine in the evening.