House Fire in Northwest Reno

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Investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked the blaze, and so far, they are only certain that it started in an exercise room downstairs. Even after the fire was out, the CO2 levels were so high, that even firefighters could re-enter the home.

Kathy Harrah and her family moved into their new home on Manzanita just one week ago. Before she even had time to throw a housewarming party, a fire broke out downstairs.

"I was out running an errand, left three teenagers home and I got a hysterical call from my daughter saying the house was on fire," said Harrah.

Kathy's son, daughter and niece were the first to notice the smoke and flames.

"We heard an alarm but we didn't think it was ours. We waited a minute and went inside and it was ours, so my brother woke up and started looking around the house," said 14-year-old Kody Harrah.

The teens say they discovered smoke pouring out of this downstairs they called '911' and waited for firefighters to arrive.

"I was a little shaky and freaked out because I've never had a house fire before," said Harrah's niece, Abby Perkins.

Fire officials say the teens' decision to call '911' quickly was the right one...because if they'd waited, it could have been much worse.

"They did the right thing. They didn't mess around. They didn't try to extinguish it. They knew they had a fire and they called 911 and got the fire department coming," said Butch Van Leuven, Reno Fire Dept. Battalion Chief.

Harrah says she can get over the hassle of having to replace the things she lost to the fire...but more importantly, she's relieved that her dogs...and her kids...are safe.

"And my son was in the house sleeping, so that's kind of scary," said Harrah.

Kathy says she didn't lose anything too sentimental. Most of the items destroyed downstairs were boxes of paperwork. Her kids, who all made out okay, say they learned a valuable lesson about dealing with emergencies.

Fire officials say if a blaze ever sparks in your home, you should call '911' immediately and have the address ready for dispatchers.

Next, you should check for people and animals inside the home..., then wait outside for emergency responders to show up so you can tell them exactly where the fire is burning in your home.