Open Burning Begins March 1st

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RENO, NV - Opening burning permits are now being issued for a burn period beginning March 1st by the Reno Fire Department and the Sierra Fire Protection District. Existing permits do not need to be renewed.

The length of the burning period will be determined by weather and other conditions. Burning will be from 6am to 2pm, is not allowed on windy days, and is subject to air quality controls.

You can get a permit from the Reno Fire Department by going to or calling them at 775-328-3659. You can get a permit from the Sierra Fire Protection District by calling 775-849-1108 ext. 5 or by e-mailing a href="mailto: SierraFireBurnPermit@WashoeCounty.US">SierraFireBurnPermit@WashoeCounty.US

Open burning is allowed in limited areas of the City of Reno and in Washoe County in accordance with the Washoe County District Health Department, but only with a permit issued by the Reno Fire Department or the Sierra Fire Protection District. Areas in which open burning are allowed, as defined by the Air Quality Management section of the Health Department, fall outside of the air quality district. Generally, those areas are west of Verdi, south of the Mt. Rose Highway, Sun Valley, and most other north valleys with the exception of the North Virginia Street corridor northwest of North McCarran and south of Golden Valley.

A site inspection by fire personnel may be required for new permits before open burning can take place to make sure burn areas are at least 25 feet from all structures; that burn piles are no larger than three feet in diameter by three feet high, with a cleared space of 10-15 feet wide around the burn area; and that both running water and hand tools are at the burn site.

Burning of household refuse, trash, cardboard, rubber products, tires, plastic, petroleum, construction debris and other non-vegetative materials is prohibited.

The Reno Fire Department and the Sierra Fire Protection District recommend the following safety procedures for open burning:

  • Keep open burns at least 25 feet from structures or brush.

  • Create a “firebreak” removing all combustible materials for at least 10-15-feet around the perimeter of the burn area.

  • Burn only leaves, limbs, pine needles and other vegetative materials.

  • Keep fires small and controllable.

  • Maintain a rake, shovel and a connected and charged garden hose at the burn site.

  • Never leave an open burn unattended.

  • Do not use accelerants such as gasoline or lighter fluid to start burning.

  • Keep children away from the burn area.

  • Re-check the fire site for smoldering materials that could rekindle 30-60 minutes after extinguishing the burn pile.

The Reno Fire Department and the Sierra Fire Protection District also suggest property owners consider non-burning techniques for vegetation management including composting and chipping vegetation.