Armed Robbery In Downtown Reno

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An armed robbery has Reno Police searching the downtown area for three male suspects tonight.

Authorities say three armed men entered the Alibi Lounge on Casazza Drive, hit a customer, and made off with about five thousand dollars in cash.

The injured man was taken away by Remsa, and he was said to be concious.

As mentioned, officials in a foot chase are looking for three male suspects in connection with the crime.

The first is described as a 6 foot tall white male, in his mid-twenties.

He was last seen wearing a baseball hat, sunglasses a button up shirt and blue jeans.

The suspect is reported to have used a hangun during the robbery.

Witnesses don't have clear descriptions of the other two suspects but they are both said to be white males with shorter builds.

One of those two suspects is reported to have been carrying a shotgun.

If you have any information or think you have seen these individuals contact Reno authorities immediately.