Firefighters Go Home

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With the Balls Canyon Fire nearly contained, many firefighters are finally able to go home.

The fire north of Bordertown has been burning for six days. It's been exhausting getting the blaze under control, but it's a job firefighters are passionate about.

It's a love for the job that sustains many of these firefighters. Tracy Perez says he feels pride confronting the flames, a moment that's difficult to describe.

When the blaze near Bordertown was spreading over the hills, it was these men and women who answered the call. Since then, they've been living at O'Brien Middle School. Now, officials say everyone in this room could go home Saturday.

One man may be heading back to Oklahoma. He works there as a brick-layer. Fighting fires is a chance to supplement his income.

Georgie Fleming says she's excited to return to her kids in Arkansas, but it's exciting on the fire line too. She hopes to make squad boss, and says working with crews on this fire has been educational.

Georgie says she worked 13 to 14 hours a day. With Nevada's blazing heat and blowing dust, the work is tiring. But firefighters will soon have an opportunity to rest before the next big wildfire.

With full containment expected Sunday, an official says firefighters will vacate O'Brian Middle School on Monday.

Joe Harrington, KOLO 8 News