Foes Of Nevada Brothels Criticize Judge's Ruling Allowing Ads

A conservative group has criticized a federal court ruling that overturned a state ban on advertising legal bordellos in Nevada's largest cities, saying it takes away local control over the issue.

Janine Hansen of the Eagle Forum disagrees with civil rights advocates and brothel owners, who hailed U-S District Judge James Mahan's ruling Thursday as a victory for free speech.

She says the ruling undermines and destroys the rights of local
government to protect its citizens from brothel advertising and "indecent materials."

Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite BunnyRanch brothel in Lyon County, says he probably will triple his annual advertising budget to 300-thousand dollars under the ruling.

Brooke Taylor, one of Hof's top earners, says she would consider
advertising on her own because the working women at Nevada brothels
are considered independent contractors.

State and local laws allow licensed brothels in 10 rural counties, but not in the state's two most counties - Washoe and Clark.