Ban Lifted on Brothel Advertising

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A Las Vegas judge on Friday lifted a ban on advertisements promoting Nevada's legal brothels. The judge says the two state laws that had prohibited brothels from advertising, are unconstitutional...and ultimately a violation of the First Amendment.

This decision means, you may soon start seeing ads that some families find objectionable, when you "let your fingers do the walking." But others say, what's the big deal?

The reaction from people within the business is a bit more mixed than you might think.

George Flint is the Executive Director of the Nevada Brothels Association. While most people would assume he's ecstatic about yesterday's ruling, Flint says it could present a problem.

"It was almost better to have this prohibition on us," Flint says, "than to have some of our members who are aggressive and push the envelope hard to maybe take advantage of the fact that they had no more controls over them."

Flint says the business will likely target print advertisements, in the yellow pages. And he says it's important to make the ads as basic and inoffensive as possible.

"Most of the ads will be nothing more than name, location and how to get to it," Flint says.

Dennis Hoff of the now World-Renowned Moonlite Bunny Ranch says he's already contacted the New York Daily News. He plans on talking to the L.A. Times and the San Francisco Chronicle about additional advertisements.

Some people say they would accept these types of ads in light of other adult products that are advertised everyday.

"If it was no worse than a Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood ad, then I would not oppose it," says Barbara of Reno.

It remains to be seen whether or not certain media outlets will accept advertisements for brothels. But clearly people within the business are already trying to go in that direction.

Flint adds that one big advantage from this is, that it will put a thicker barrier between brothels and the illegal operations that are commonly seen in Southern Nevada.

Daniel Chanin, KOLO 8 News Now