Artown Appeal

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With Artown in full-swing throughout the Truckee Meadows and plenty of other events scheduled this summer, Downtown Reno is prime for a good time.

Iit was a terrific atmosphere in Reno on Friday night, and the weather conditions couldn't be better once the sun went down.

People from all over are coming out to get a good look at Downtown Reno at its finest during the month of July.

Music, dancing and art are just a few reasons why people are coming out for this year's Artown.

Elizabeth Gaines of Indianapolis says, she loves the people of Reno who make her visit here, very enoyable.

"Anyone could be very enthused about being here," Gaines says. "It's very positive, just a great town."

Frank Bellinder adds, the appeal of the Truckee River doesn't hurt either.

"It's nice to walk around, the river walk is really neat," Bellinder says. "It's neat to see everything locally."

Sara Gorges kicked Friday night off with an hour-long set, and those who stayed around long enough were treated to a free screening of "The Day the Earth Stood Still."

Local vendors and artists relished the opportunity to showcase their talent to the city.

Bill Muck, an artist, says getting to talk to new people is one of the best parts about his job.

"We get a chance to meet some people, shake some hands and just get to know the community and have the community know us as well," Muck says.

For the most part, the atmosphere is relatively upbeat, but organizers say alcohol can lead to some cases of public drunkeness. Even though the area is constantly patrolled, not everyone feels 100 percent safe. While Michelle Boucher says the officers do a good job, she adds that they can't be everywhere at one time.

"They have the security officers down here, but I don't think they watch everything," Boucher says. "There's still a lot of things that go on behind their backs."

Most out-of-towners were too busy enjoying themselves to worry about the big crowds. And nearby restaurants like the Wild River Grille are ecstatic about the impact it's had on their business.