Not So Peaceful Neighborhood

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Residents whose homes suffered damage are now looking to town leaders for help. If you've ever visited the Ranchos area of Gardnerville, it feels like a tight-knit, family-oriented community, and that's exactly how neighbors want it to stay.

Jean Metcalf lives on Russell Way. She described the night a drunk driver drove between a mailbox and a tree.

"It took out this fence and that telephone box, it was flattened. They took out the mailbox and were dragging it down the street," said Metcalf.

Ranchos residents say there were three accidents in just seven weeks, ending in May...and two more besides.

"One at 3:00 in the morning and one at 4:00 in the afternoon. Both drivers were intoxicated and thanks to neighbors, we were able to identify those individuals," said Metcalf.

Neighbors say the steep curve on Russell Way as a thoroughfare toward the business district of Gardnerville.

"There is an establishment, a bar, not very far away that's a problem too because they use this as a shortcut."

Homeowners have put together a petition, with two thirds of the neighbor's signatures, to ask the Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District to install traffic calming devices on their street...and they're being specific: they want double yellow lines, speed bumps and more signage to warn people to slow down.

When we asked the District Manger to speak with us about the process of helping out these homeowners, he refused, saying he didn't think it was an important story.

"That's really disheartening to hear. We have so many kids playing out here. It is important that something fatal doesn't happen and it's important we feel safe in our neighborhood and don't have people racing down our street, hitting mailboxes. It's a very important issue to us," said Kara Marisich, who lives on Russel Way.

The District Manger, whose name is Bob Spelberg, also said something like a speed bump could cost around $11,000 and since the budget year ended June 30th, it could be at least a year before residents could see change on their street.