Experts Study Quake Fault Near Incline School

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A team of geologists from the University of California, San Diego, will study a fault behind an elementary school in this north Lake Tahoe community.

If the team can determine when the last major earthquake occurred on the fault, it can estimate whether another will likely occur soon or in the distant future,' said Rich Schweickert, seismologist at the University of Nevada, Reno.

The team will examine the fault behind Incline Village Elementary School for about a one-month period ending in late July.

The study comes after a magnitude-4.5 temblor shook the Incline Village area on June 3.

Lake Tahoe is no stranger to earthquakes, with three active faults beneath its waters.

According to Schweickert, magnitude-7 seismic events occurred during the past 10,000 years at Tahoe and could happen again.

Plans call for consultants to examine the school for seismic hazards during the summer.