Mack EMail

The email was sent through a Kerry Walburg to Dick Gammick two days before any telephone conversation occurred between defendant Mack and the D.A.
In it Mack calls Gammick quote: "one of the finer men I know..."

Mack says he understand that he will be convicted and executed for this crimes but that quote: " what can be accomplished here is to spark to change and stop the ongoing destruction of men, families and children out of the family court industry."

He goes on to say through his execution, " millions of me yet to come might be saved from the criminal activities inflicted on them from the criminals in the family court system. There is no change for me and 18,000 men that killed themselves out of going through similar rape of a corrupt system but if this can be used to save the ones yet to be destroyed then we must. By the way, 18,000 men loosing their lives is 20 times more than we lost in Iraq last year. This is a much bigger war."

Darren Mack is accused of killing his estranged wife Charla and then taking a shot at the Judge handling the divorce Chuck Weller back in June of 2006. They too are mentioned in the email to Gammick.

About Charla quote:"..even though I was defending myself from yet another attack from Charla, I am sure everyone want someone to really pay for this."

And Chuck Weller quote: "..if I would have wanted Weller dead he would have been: I wanted him alive to have his corruption exposed and to get to what was really coming to him..."

Mack also had conditions for his surrender from Mexico to authorities here in Reno. They included "a private cell in jail until my execution." as well as "access to a computer, printer, and internet along with being (sic) to see a writer regularly."

Mack's attorney Scott Freeman says the email should be suppressed. Freeman contends it is part of other conversations between Gammick and Mack that have already been thrown out of court.

Prosecutor Christopher Lalli in his response today says the emails should be allowed in court. He contends the email was sent two days before conversations occurred between Mack and Gammick through a third party--that means there was no direct contact between the two, and the email was completely unsolicited.

Judge Doug Herndon should make a ruling on the email during a July 27th hearing in Washoe District Court.