Security Tight for Bush Visit to Reno

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Pilots are being told to keep their distance when Air Force One carries President Bush into town this afternoon.
Noody is saying what route the presidential motorcade will
take, but it's barely a mile on U-S 395 between Reno-Tahoe
International Airport and the Reno-Sparks Convention Center.
In past presidential visits, the freeway and nearby surface
roads have been shut down.
Along with restrictions on the ground, most flights within a
12-mile radius of the airport are forbidden between one tomorrow
afternoon and three-50.
Commercial aircraft generally are not affected, but flights
right around when the president is scheduled to arrive and to leave
will have to wait.
Emergency flights only have to tell the airport tower if they
are going into the air.
The Reno Stead Airport is north of town, but within the
restricted air space, and it will be affected.
It's holding rookie school this week for pilots planning to
compete in September's Reno National Championship Air Races.
Spokeswoman Sue Putnam says tomorrow's afternoon classes and
practices will have to be adjusted.