Sleeping Elephant Fire 100% Containted

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Lightning strikes touched off dozens of fires across the region on Friday, the largest was the Sleeping Elephant Fire just northeast of Topaz Lake. The fire managed to burn 750 acres, and is now 100% contained.

The fire literally exploded, fueled by high wind and dry brush, creating some tense moments in the Topaz Ranch Estates.

Homeowners and businesses barely escaped the blaze, in some cases, a matter of inches.

There were several close calls, but firefighters were able to save all home and other buildings. Homeowners prepared for the worst, because the fire was out of control early in the afternoon. It didn’t take long for the flames to rip through Topaz Ranch, once lightning struck the hill.

Residents panicked when the fire jumped across Highway 208, but air tankers and firefighters worked quickly to contain the blaze.

The fire managed to burn 750 acres, and is now 80% contained. Fire crews expect full containment by six p.m. Saturday night.