Hot Weather Dehydration

Its not unusual to see people down by the Truckee River on a hot day like the one on Thursday. It's a way to cool off. But the water is only helping the outside of the body. The body needs help on the inside too.

Local resident Jesse Demase says he does what it takes to stay hydrated. "Whatever there is, gatorade, water, whatever is available. As much as possible."

His wife Carlee says she starts early. " Even before I come out here and then throughout the day."

Experts say by the time you feel thirsty, you are already behind. That's why its best to continue drinking throughout the day even if you don't *feel* like the heat is getting to you. That means drink two full glasses of water before you head out for outside activities.

Dr. Elizabeth Jaffe a family practice physician shares this advise. " Get a bottle of water and start drinking when you get up. People should travel with water. Put it in your purse or in the car. A lot of times people will go out and have an 8 hour day whether its work, or errands and they don't have any water with them. And the first time they get something to drink is at lunch or even at dinner and then its too late to get hydrated."

Jaffe says for normal activities, sports drinks aren't really necessary. Drinks with plenty of sugar should be avoided. Those with caffeine aren't ideal. Signs of dehydration may not happen right away. The light headedness, headaches, or achy muscles may show p the next day or two days later. Dr. Jaffe says when that happens, take some time stay inside and drink more water before attempting any more activities outdoors.