No Campfires in Popular Nevada Campgrounds

A high fire hazard has prompted state officials to expand a "no campfires" order at popular campgrounds in Nevada.

The state added the Spring Mountain Ranch park near the Las Vegas and the Berlin-Ichthyosaur park near Gabbs to a list announced last week when firefighters were battling a blaze on the California side of Tahoe that destroyed at least 254 homes and burned 3,100 acres.

The state Parks Division and state Forestry Division last week barred campfires at parks at Sand Harbor, on Tahoe's east shore, and in the Marlette-Hobart backcountry and Spooner Lake just east of Tahoe.

Officials also said no open fires will be permitted at the Fort Churchill park in Silver Springs, the Beaver Dam park near Caliente and the Cathedral Gorge park near Panaca.

Other restrictions for all 24 state parks include no fireworks, no unpermitted explosives, no use of welding torches and no smoking except inside vehicles. Portable stoves that use gas, pressurized fuel or similar fuels are OK.

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