Vandals Target Douglas County

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Douglas County Sheriffs say there have been 18 different incidences Douglas County.

The problem hasn't gone unnoticed by locals, who say the illegal activity is tarnishing their small town reputation.

Gardnerville is the type of town you'd more likely expect to see a herd of cows grazing in a pasture, than the markings of gang activity in a small neighborhood.

Kids are free to play outside and many people don't even bother to lock their doors.

"It's a quiet town. Not a whole lot of stuff goes on here, just your average little town," said Mike Pieller, Gardnerville resident.

In recent months, graffiti has become more visible in Douglas County. One of the prime areas has been the Rancho Aspen Park, known for it's little league games and plush vegetation.

"It's just a shame, the area's changed a lot and not for the good, said Debbie Wood, who lives near Rancho Aspen Park.

2-year-old Alex Wood and his mom Debbie like to spend their summer days at Rancho Aspen...but lately, Debbie says she's noticed an increase in illegal artwork and unruly teens.

"We are uncomfortable walking around. There are even times we don't want to go on the playground because the kids are up there swearing. Just stuff I don't want my son exposed to."

Sheriffs say it's not just gang tagging, but also bored adolescents with nothing to do besides paint their names on a fence.

"I think the police should come through here more. They could do foot patrol, walk the path. The police could do just a little bit more I think."

While Gardnerville is small, it's still a lot of ground for law enforcement to cover...and with so much new graffiti, they can only guess it's happening, when no one is looking.

Police say they have 11 teen aged suspects already, for at least five of the 18 vandalism incidences...but they are still looking for more information to help lead them to the people responsible.

They are offering a $500 reward for any tips. You can contact Secret Witness at 78-CRIME if you have any information that could help them make an arrest.