Recalled Nye Official Get Prison Term For Public Theft

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The longest criminal case involving an elected official in Nye County history has come to a close with the sentencing of former county Public Administrator Robert "Red" Dyer on the last of more than 30 charges.

Dyer, 62, pleaded no contest to theft, possession of stolen property and insurance fraud and was sentenced June 7 to two to five years in prison.

Dyer will start serving the sentence in about a year, after he completes a previous sentence for witness tampering. He has been behind bars since February 2002.

The public administrator secures the assets of a person who dies without a known will or heirs.

Nye County District Attorney Bob Beckett said Dyer and his wife, Genie, used his elected post to loot the estates of county residents who died during his term in office.

Voters recalled Dyer in January 2000, a little over a year after he took office.

Genie Dyer is sought as a fugitive on more than 40 charges, and is believed to be living near Mexico City, but Beckett said she moves frequently.

Beckett described Genie Dyer as a dangerous criminal who used her husband's office to steal from the dead and fuel her drug habit.

"People have to understand she's very cagey. To say she's in one place would be very presumptuous," Beckett said. "Someday, somewhere she will be apprehended."