Angora Victims Pick Up The Pieces

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South Lake Tahoe is ready to resume it's role as a summer hot spot, but at the same time, some 250 residents are still trying to pick up the pieces of their lives.

"It's been back and forth. Do we let the fire beat us or do we leave and rebuild and fight back for what we lost? It's just a decision we'll have to sit down as a family and talk about," said Jesse Sorensen, who lost his home to the Angora fire.

Like many others whose homes were destroyed, the Sorensen family is faced with tough decisions. After sifting through the ash and trying to salvage everything they could out of the burned landscape, they only came away with a few boxes.

The Sorensens' met with insurance adjusters to recall every item they lost to the Angora blaze, even down to the spices they kept in what used to be their kitchen."

"We've got this list that keeps going and going and we're like 'oh, we didn't think of that,'" said Sorensen.

The family has been relying on the community, their friends and their insurance company to figure out what steps to take toward recovery.

"Farmer's put us up in a vacation rental, so we have a roof over our head. We've been going to shelters to get clothes and toothbrushes and toiletries, things we need."

They say, most importantly, and despite the devastation caused by the blaze, now is not the time to be weak.

"We've laughed, we've cried, but now the tears are dried up and it's time to move on and see where we go from here."