Higgs Attempts Suicide, Trial Suspended

Chaz Higgs has been hospitalized after slitting his wrists, and his trial on charges he killed his wife, former Nevada Controller Kathy Augustine, has been suspended.

Higgs' lawyer says Higgs is at a Reno hospital but the injury doesn't appear life-threatening.

Without Higgs, the judge sent the Washoe County District Court jury home with instructions not to listen to media reports.

He also revoked Higgs' 250,000 dollars bail and ordered everyone to return to court on Wednesday.

The 43-year-old Higgs had been expected to face tough questioning from prosecutors after testifying Monday that he was innocent and that he loved Augustine even though he'd decided to leave her.

His lawyer denies he feared cross-examination.

Higgs is accused of killing Augustine last July by injecting her with a powerful muscle relaxant.

It's the second suicide attempt for Higgs since Augustine died last July 11th.

Higgs pleaded not guilty in December. If convicted, he faces up to life in prison without chance of parole.

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