Prosecution Rests in Higgs Murder Trial

Prosecutors have rested their case in the Chaz Higgs murder trial after their last witness, a woman who worked with Higgs, testified of flirtatious and suggestive e-mails the two exchanged before and after the death of his wife, former Nevada Controller Kathy Augustine.

The 42-year-old Higgs is charged with killing Augustine with a lethal dose of a paralytic drug last summer.

Linda Rammer was an admissions clerk for a brief time in early 2005 at the South Meadows hospital where Higgs worked as a critical nurse.

She said she was fired for sending personal e-mail to him from company computers after Augustine saw them and complained to her

But she contacted Higgs later that year, and the two corresponded for several months.

In some, Higgs tells the then 21-year-old Ramirez that he loves her wants to give her the world.

He complains of his marriage and says in one that "it's all going to happen" and he's soon be free.

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