Rodeo Fashion Report

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So just what does it take to be a true cowboy or cowgirl? We found that it's not just what you wear and how you wear it, but there's a whole attitude involved with playing the part.

Let's start with belt buckles: they're shiny, for one, but what makes a belt buckle so special? If size doesn't make a difference, then what does? One cowboy says "My rule is, you only wear it if you won it."

And what about Karrie Lund, who was sporting her husband's buckle?

"You better have won it or it better be your husband's or you shouldn't wear it," Lund says.

Now hats are part of a whole different culture. First of all, never grab one off a cowboy's head. Cowgirls feel the same way.

"My hat is dorky, see it needs to be shaped, that's why I am here to see Sugar," one woman says.

So how do those hats get their perfect shape? KOLO 8 News asked the expert hat shaper for advice.

"See this, is called a crown," says Sugar Reim, who shapes hats. "It has a slight indent here, goes up at an angle, side dents, then we will put a brim on it. Nice shape with a lot of dip."

Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to hats. It's more about how much abuse it can handle. The hat's shape, look and feel, can change everything for a dedicated rider.

Auburn Hutton, KOLO 8 News