Ormsby House Reconstruction Moving Ahead

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The owners of the Ormsby House hotel-casino said Wednesday they hope to have the hotel reopened before the 2005 Legislature convenes next February.

Allan Fiegehen and Don Lehr told the state Gaming Control Board the outside of the resort, located across this capital city's main street from the Legislature, should be closed in by late July or early August.

While the hotel part of the property should be open in early 2005, Lehr said the casino area will reopen later.

"There's nobody who wants to get this open more than we do," said Fiegehen.

The hotel-casino's progress came up as Robin Zakzeski, Lehr's daughter, was recommended as assistant general manager for the Ormsby and the Winchester Club, located in the Ormsby's parking garage. Lehr serves as general manager.

Lehr and Fiegehen last fall filed for a demolition permit, but then dropped plans to demolish the 10-story resort and said they'd proceed with a $25 million renovation.

The Ormsby was built in 1972 by the Laxalt family, including Paul Laxalt, a former governor and U.S. senator from Carson City. The resort has undergone a string of closures, bankruptcies and ownership changes since it was built.

Last closed in fall 2000, the Ormsby House was expected to undergo a nine-month, $10 million overhaul to convert it into a five-star resort. But workers encountered one problem after another, causing several delays.