Higgs Murder Trial Begins

A prosecutor is telling a jury today that he'll show Chaz Higgs is a calculated murderer who disdained his wife, former Nevada Controller Kathy Augustine, and used his medical knowledge to kill her with a paralyzing drug.

But defense lawyers say the couple's marriage was destroyed by
Augustine's political ambitions and turmoil, and that Higgs had no motive to kill a woman he deeply loved.

The 42-year-old Higgs is charged with murdering Augustine by injecting her with a lethal dose of the drug succinylcholine.

Washoe County prosecutor Christopher Hicks told the jury the drug leaves a person totally unable to move, to breathe, or even blink their eyes.

It kills by stopping the heart and suffocating a person.

Higgs' defense lawyer says the prosecution medical evidence won't hold up and the state's case will collapse.

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