Footprints in Snow Lead Police to Car Thief

Duane Randall
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A man is under arrest after allegedly stealing a car and hiding from police Saturday morning.

Sparks Police say Duane Randall stole a car around 10:27 am Saturday and parked it at 1750 Franklin Way in Sparks.

The car’s owner was able to flag down police and lead them to the car’s location. When police arrived, Randall took-off running, dropping high-powered rifle rounds as he ran.

Police were able to follow fresh footprints in the snow that led them to a trailer storage yard where Randall was hiding.

Police commanded Randall to come out from hiding, but when he refused, a police dog named Rocky was called in. The dog bit Randall on his left arm and officers arrested him.

Randall was taken to Northern Nevada Medical Center where he was treated for injuries. He was later booked on charges of possession of a stolen vehicle, obstructing, and several misdemeanor warrants.