Foundation that Helped Fallon Cancer Cluster Families Disbanding

FALLON (AP) - A foundation formed to provide financial assistance to families of children involved in a Fallon childhood leukemia cluster is disbanding June 30th - two and a half years after the last case was diagnosed.

Fallon Families First president Jennifer Tedford says the nonprofit raised more than 200-thousand dollars through donations and grants to help all affected families in its six years of existence.

She says the group is shutting its doors as the Nevada State Health Division is winding down operations regarding the cluster. Since 1997, 17 children with ties to Fallon have been diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia, and three have died.

Various agencies covered some of their treatment costs. The foundation assisted families in areas not covered by other agencies.

The foundation's remaining $25,000 will go to the family of the most recent leukemia case. The child, who was diagnosed in December 2004, is still undergoing treatment in Oakland, California.

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