Reno's Hot August Nights to End Early

The poodle skirts and shiny cars will be put away a little earlier this year at Hot August Nights.

Reno Mayor Bob Cashell said there have been enough problems with
gang members he said are from Northern California to prompt the action.

Hot August events will close down at 6 p.m. Saturday without the usual cruise of classic cars. However the traditional car parade will take place as usual on Sunday morning.

"We had problems last year," Cashell said Tuesday. "Nothing broke out, but it really got ugly looking."

The 21st edition of the 10-day celebration of classic cars and music is northern Nevada's biggest tourism event. It starts Aug. 3 with a four-hour outdoor party and ends Aug. 12 with the Sunday morning vehicle parade on Virginia Street through downtown Reno.

No Hot August activities will be held on downtown Reno streets the night before the parade.

Organizers of the event, with its estimated combined attendance of 800,000 for all activities, claim an impact of $230 million on the local economy.

The decision to stop early wasn't due to lack of police or money, said city spokesman Chris Good.

"It's the large crowds, traffic and congestion," Good said.

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