Sparks City Attorney Reacts to Investigation into Alleged Misconduct

"This is a political personal vendetta brought about as, ah, as a result of the, originally, the Lazy Eight lawsuit," Sparks City Attorney Chet Adams said in a phone interview Tuesday.

Adams reportedly pressed the city to settle that lawsuit last year, then clearing the way for the controversial casino on the Pyramid Highway.
He says it all started with the Lazy Eight decision, and now businesses and some politicians are behind an investigation into alleged misconduct.
The report says Adams had city personnel do work related to a state bar complaint filed against him.
It also says during work hours, information on an effort to recall Adams was recorded by a city employee.

"I certainly did use... staff to, to ah, do what we do in, in the office and that's defend all officers, employees of the City of Sparks for acts taken in their official capacity," Adams said.

A Sparks spokesman couldn't immediately say whether Adams had done anything wrong.

"The report is in the public domain now and certainly you as a member of the press and the citizens can come to their own conclusions," Spokesman Adam Mayberry said.

An investigator also looked into claims Adams had a personal relationship with a co-worker.
And the report says Adams lied during an investigation.

"He was paid 35-thousand dollars to dig up some dirt and, ah, irrespective of the fact that recollections differ..." Adams said.

Adams says he never harassed or engaged in inappropriate behavior with other employees.
He says it's unfortunate citizens had to pay for the report, estimated to have cost about 35-thousand dollars.
The investigation also examined lawsuit settlements paid out by Sparks involving Adams.
Adams says one suit mentioned in the report was settled for about 25-thousand dollars because it was considered a nuisance.
And he says this about any others:

"Those settlement amounts, ah, had nothing to do, ah, with any allege or any findings that I ever engaged in any inappropriate conduct."

Efforts to reach several other Sparks city officials were unsuccessful Tuesday evening.