Passport Bypass

Last Friday, restrictions on travel to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda, were lifted because passport offices were flooded with requests. Travel agents say at best expect a three month delay in getting your official document.

But Rick Seegmiller couldn't wait for long. Last month he had an opportunity at the last minute to stay in Mexico with friends. But he only had a week to get a passport.

"People are going to San Francisco and getting them in two days. But you have to be there at 8:00 am on the first day, spend the night and be willing to wait the whole day the second day to have one issued."

Even then Rick says there were no guarantees. That's when he went to the internet and found a company that promised to deliver a legal passport within 24hours.

"Very confident they could get it for me in 24 hours. Expedited services and I had my birth certificate and everything required and a check and they made it happen."

But it would cost Rick--about three hundred dollars above the special fees charged by the passport office. Still Rick says he was able to get his passport and travel to Mexico as scheduled.

The service is not for people who just want a passport and want it quickly.
Rick and others have to show proof of itinerary or plane ticket to show the urgency of the passport.