Click It or Ticket Critic

You couldn't miss check points this past month throughout the streets of Reno, Sparks, and even U.S. 395. For one month, law enforcement tried to bring awareness to seat belt use with the help of the Click It or Ticket program.

"Asking people to kind of take our word for it," says Dave McCauley from the Reno Police Department. "Traffic cops, we've seen the heartache is causes not everyone out here sees that."

Reno Police report they issued 94 adult seat belt citations after setting up five "Click It or Ticket" check points. They say those checkpoints according to state law were set up so that a quarter mile before the check point drivers were alerted to it. That meant those drivers could take another route. Also according to state law, the stops were random.

Those citations were given as a primary offense, and according to Nevada law, seat belt citations can only be handed out after the driver has made a primary violation.

"Its my opinion that they shouldn't be allowed to do that," says Reno Defense Attorney Richard Molezzo. "They often do it. They'll use that asa precursor to find other types of charges."

Molezzo says while he has nothing against seat belt use, he personally believes it should be a personal choice, at best police should only be allowed to give a warning on the seat belt check points. At $125 a ticket, Molezzo believes such checkpoints serve another purpose.

"I think it is based on greed, and I think it is based on generating income," Molezzo says.

Molezzo says he's never had a client fight such a ticket, it would be expensive he says. Reno Police have said over and over again, seat belts save lives. That just might be a ticket you can afford.