Hundreds Seek Teaching Positions at Job Fair

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Hundreds of teachers in search of a job turned out in droves this afternoon for a job fair at Reed High School and I was there.

And what I found is that there are more teachers applying than than there are openings.

But district representatives say they're excited.

The recruitment fair was posted on a website called and candidates came here from all over the country looking for a job.

Sara Sams teaches kindergarten in San Diego but she wants to work here. "The schools out here in Washoe County have excellent test scores. They're just shining across the board with all of their academics,"Sams says.

"If we can get them to come to town and see what a wonderful quality of life we have, I think we can be very convincing that this is a great place to live and work," says Laura Dancer of the school district.

But people like Sara and Jayson Culbert, who's working in the district as a long-term substitute teacher, say they don't need convincing.

They need a job.

"Right now, I'll take anything I can get," Culbert says.

Sara and Jayson aren't alone. Well over 800 people signed up for this job fair.

The district expects to hire about 500 teachers - many in hard-to-fill positions like English as a Second Language, math and Special Education.

Principals say that recruitment fairs like this can produce some of the best candidates.

"You can attach names to faces and there are always certain people. I always star the people that make the biggest impression," said Nancy Gomes Principal Debbie Martino.

Martino says if you're looking for a teaching job - and you don't get hired right away . . . don't give up.

A large portion of the district's hiring happens during the summer and even in the weeks right before school starts.

If you're a teacher and you'd like more information on jobs in the district, go the 'links'area of this Web ste, where we have made a link directly to the Washoe County School District Web ste.