2007 Nevada Legislature Complete After One Day of Special Session

It took one extra day of work for Nevada lawmakers to put the finishing touches on 2007 Session.

They wrapped up around 9 o’clock Tuesday night, after failing to meet the final deadline Monday.

Some of the final measures include ten million dollars in performance pay for teachers, and another ten million for education-related programs.

Governor Jim Gibbons also approved five million dollars towards a stream restoration project, an effort that was supported by Bill Raggio.

All eleven bills that were looked at during the special session were signed into law.

Here's a list of the proposals that went before the special session:

  • TEACHER PAY - AB280 appropriates $10 million for performance
    pay for teachers.
  • MILLENNIUM SCHOLARS - AB434 provides an exception from the
    two-year residency requirement for Millennium Scholarship
    recipients to students who have a parent in the military.
  • OPPORTUNITY VILLAGE - AB484 transfers unspent money from a
    legislative study appropriation to the state general fund for the
    use of Opportunity Village in Las Vegas.
  • EDUCATION FUNDS - AB553 appropriates $10 million for various
    education-related programs.
  • TEACHER INCENTIVES - AB565 changes policies for incentives to
    keep teachers on the job.
  • COURTS - AB246 increases the number of district judges in the
    Las Vegas and Reno areas.
  • STREAM HABITAT - AB274 appropriates funds for development of
    stream habitat restoration efforts. This began as a $10 million
    proposal but had been cut to $5 million earlier by the governor.
  • AUTO MUSEUM - SB319 authorizes special license plates that can
    be sold at the auto museum in Reno.
  • LEAR THEATER - SB572 transfers some room tax proceeds for
    restoration of the Lear Theater in Reno.
  • COURTHOUSES - Allows a county to seek funds from the state
    budget for courthouse security.
  • DISORDERS - SB326 creates a state Committee on Co-Occurring

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