DA Defends His Actions in Mack

" During that conversation Darren Mack advised me he had in fact killed his wife Charla and he had in fact shot judge Weller." Those were the comments of District Attorney Dick today at a press conference he called to clear his actions in the Darren Mack Murder case.

But its that conversation, and later *taped* conversations that will not be allowed at trail. That was the decision last Friday from Judge Doug Herndon. IN his ruling the judge said Gammick as a prosecutor had an additional burden to determine if Mack was represented by counsel

"I did ask him that, I did not ask him about Mr. Freeman and Mr. Chesnoff specifically because Mr. Freeman had lied to us, And I wasn't going to pursue that any further, I wasn't going to give him any credibility whatsoever."

" Prosecutors have to go one step beyond that they have an ethical duty in additional to what a regular lawyer does, Judge Herndon spoke about that in our hearing in granting our motion to suppress those statements, and he said that, that was violated as well. These aren't anything I did. As a defense attorney I have the duty to bring this to the attention of the court, and I did." says Mack's attorney Scott Freeman. ]

Gammick and his office were taken off this case earlier in proceedings..which is why Clark County Prosecutor Christopher Lalli is on the Mack Case. In a phone conversation today with Lalli he says the reported confession has already been out in the public domain with the help of media reports...today's press conference he says does not change that. As far as appealing Judge Henrdon's decision to the Supreme Court, Lalli said he would not disclose what legal actions he will and won't be taking.