Brain Drain

Laura Cunnington finished up her undergraduate work here at UNR. She then attended the state medical school. When it came to herresidency she knew she wanted to specialize in family medicine and stay right here in Northern Nevada.

":Have a had a really good time on medical school rotation here and fit in really good with the group and this residency program."

Dr. Cunnington is one of the fortunate medical school grads who can stay in Nevada for her residency and then actually practice here once she's through. For students who select anesthesiology, dermatology, or radiology it's a different story.
" Many of them have gone on to other residency programs become chief residents and done exceptionally well." Says Associate Dean of Admissions Dr. Cheryl Hug-English

And that's a frustration for many at the medical school-- knowing their students leave here highly qualified and will take their skills and expertise elsewhere because there aren't enough residencies here to meet student's needs.

All agree while facilities are required...teachers, hospitals, and community involvement will also be needed to make those additional residencies happen.

And while initially the goal of the medical school was to train and retain its own...the dean here says in today's economic world, that's easier said than done. Dr. John McDonald says " Its a free market place so physicians will always train and leave and physicians that train elsewhere will come here. So there is not any situation except for military sponsored training where you are obligated to serve as a resident and then work in the community where you served."