New Playground Equipment for Elementary School in Stead

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Airmen from the Nevada Air National Guard were on a unique mission Saturday. The 152nd Engineering Squadron wasn’t constructing any structures abroad, but right here in Northern Nevada.

They've built houses and shelters abroad, and they put their skills together for today’s project.

Twelve members of the Air National Guard are assembling playground equipment at Desert Heights Elementary School in Stead. The principal says there's only been dirt where the kids play.

The guard is making it possible for children to have more activities during playtime. Of course, getting that 22-foot long play-set together, is easier said than done.

But the guard certainly managed. They've put together structures in Latin America, and the airmen say there are advantages to working here in Northern Nevada.

The Guard says it's also a good opportunity for engineers to practice their skills.
And to do after helping people in remote locations, also help out at home.

Joe Harrington, KOLO 8 News Now