Two Police Officers Injured in Apartment Riot

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An ongoing dispute between two young schoolgirls escalated into a gang-related riot, at an apartment complex off Neil Road.

Two police officers were treated for minor injuries and five people were arrested for various charges, including battery on a police officer, inciting a riot, and resisting arrest.

When police responded to the complex on Nanette street, they were looking for one male subject with a gun, but when they arrived on scene, he was the least of their concerns.

"They were extremely aggressive. Things were being thrown at us as officers tried to move the crowd back. When our backs were turned, they'd run up and jump on the officers," said Sgt. Ray Magee of the RPD gang unit.

Sergeant Magee described the scene at the apartment. A tenant called police to her complex, to help resolve a dispute between her 11-year-old, and another young neighbor.

"The lady told the cops we had guns, but we didn't," said 16-year-old Salvador Gomez, who was arrested on scene.

Gomez was charged with resisting arrest. Brenda Carrillo's older sister, Zorieda, was also taken to jail.

"The officer grabbed my mom and took out the pepper spray so my sister tried to separate them, and that's when they threw my sister to the floor," said Brenda Carrillo, a witness and suspect's sister.

She alledges law enforcement was too aggressive...but police say they used the necessary force to control a violent crowd. When they arrived at the Neil Road location, they recognized visible markings from the CM-13 gang. They say two of the arrested individuals, Daniel Ruiz and Bolivar Perez, are documented members oft the group...who say they were trying to protect their own.

"The whole gang mentality. Loyalty, disrespect for authority. The gang is their family. Someone is taking their family away and they're willing to fight back to prevent that from happening," said Magee.

The RPD gang unit has confirmed that at least one of the three adults arrested is being investigated by immigrations customs. they also say the Nanette Street apartment complex off Neil Road is well-known to them...they often do sweeps of that neighborhood.