New Wrinkle FIller

65 year old Virginia Curry says she's been waiting for this day. As a first grade teacher she says she' not often given the respect she deserves because of her age. The lines on her face she says only reinforce people's preconceived notions.

"Teachers are very critical we know what is going on we know what other teachers are doing and they've seen me before and they will know right away something is different."

So Virginia says she's going to try a new wrinkle filler called Artefill. Unlike Botox, which paralyzes the muscle and needs to be re-injected over time, Artefill contains collagen and small acrylic beads that are injected deep into the skin and the results are permanent.

Dr. Louis Bonaldi, the only physician in Northern Nevada with access to the filler says the lines best treated with Artefilll are the folds next to the nose and on the sides of the mouth.

"This has to so with wear and tear. Environment. Smokers get these worse than others and people with a a lot of expression who smile. You can see there is a lot of expression, which is good. Those are happy lines. Some people don't like to be that happy."

Dr. Bonaldi says the face is numbed before the Artefill is injected. The results he claims are better over time because collagen tends to develop in the injection site. That means at five years the patient looks better compared to just after treatment. In three weeks Virginia will return to to see if any more improvements can be made to the treated areas. Dr. Bonaldi says its important to remember Artefill is not a substitute for plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery would be more expensive, but Artefill doesn't come cheap. Its about $1200 a vile. Patients must undergo a skin test before treatment to see if they are allergic to collagen.