Nevada Prison Overcrowding Measure Advances

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CARSON CITY (AP) - About 1,200 Nevada prison inmates could be released early over the next year or two, under an amended version of a bill that has won approval on Friday in the Assembly Ways and Means Committee.

Assemblyman David Parks says no inmates would be released without the approval of the state Parole Board and that most of them would be supervised after their release by parole officers.

Parks adds that the measure is the most important bill dealing with prison overcrowding to come out of the Legislature this session.

Under the bill, the number of good-time credits, usually 10 days to 20 days per month, earned by inmates dating to 1997 could be doubled, with the increase applied to the minimum sentences of inmates. Inmates convicted of Class A and B felonies – violent crimes - would not be eligible for additional good-time credits.

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