Mack's Attorneys File New Papers

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Another barrage of legal motions became public on Thursday in the case of Darren Mack, the Reno man accused of the murder of his wife and the sniper shooting of the judge who handled their divorce.

Mack's attorneys filed their latest papers on Thursday in a complicated series of pre-trial issues. His attorneys want him tried separately for the murder of his wife Charla, and the shooting of Family Court Judge Chuck Weller.

The prosecution is opposing the motion, but on Thursday the defense repeated the request in court filings.

The documents say the jury will be confused by the two counts if they remain in the same trial. They also say it could be argued there's greater evidence Mack was involved in the death of his wife, then shooting Judge Weller. And the defense says the death of Charla Mack will be shown to be justifiable. The state on the other hand, contends the two crimes are connected.

Judge Weller was handling Darren and Charla's divorce proceedings.

A judge is expected to rule on the motions filed in the case on June first. That includes whether to separate the cases, and whether there should be a change of venue.

Mack is slated to stand trial in October.