Reno Wants to Limit Feeding Geese

Reno officials want to limit feeding geese to cut down on goose poop and other damage caused by the birds at city parks.

Parks Manager Jeff Mann said many people routinely bring bread to feed the large birds.

Officials say designating specific feeding zones could restrict the birds' movements and keep them away from walkways, picnic areas, playgrounds and off grass.

"We do need a method to deal with the habitual offender," Mann said. "Day after day, you see the same people who drive by and dump bread out their window."

Council members voted to create feeding areas and draft an ordinance authorizing fines for violators.

In many parks, geese have taken over and have killed the grass or left fields of excrement.

Signs would be posted explaining the rules.

"It's going to have to be signed and enforced to be effective," said Brian Williams, a wildlife biologist who helped prepare a plan for city parks.

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